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New Computer

As of June 3, 2010 I am officially an owner of a Mac Computer, thanks to my mother. I am loving the computer. I just need to add applications to it and i will love it even better. I need stuff to help me with my photography skills and hone them to make them better. I really like this computer alot and anyone who is going into photography or graphic design or something creative for sure get a mac I would recommend it.

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Posted by: tma20 | April 22, 2010

Track meet photos

Posted by: tma20 | April 7, 2010

Track Meet

Took photos this past weekend hopefully going to add them tomorrow 😀 Keep a look out for them…Also if you are in Maryville you should come Emerson Drive this friday night….gonna be helping out Q-Country with their Music!! 😀

TBone Malone a.k.a Taylor!

resolution on these photos arent the best but it gets the job done

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Took photos of hairspray will hopefully have some up today if not today then tomorrow!!! 😀
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The Sandpit on

I was told last night about never really heard of it till then. My friend came across a video called “The Sandpit”, I watched it and thought that it was actual video. I was totally wrong. I researched this video and it was composed of 35,000 still frames. I thought that this was amazing. When you first look at it you think that it took a long time when really, it only took 5 days and 2 evenings. Here is the Interview please look at it and I will also give you the link to the video its amazing!!! Oh and also this is a minature scale from what I read, but I could be wrong! The interview The Sandlot video

Check these out!!


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Posted by: tma20 | February 26, 2010

New Camera Lens

I have decided to get a new camera lens. I have always wanted a fisheye lens, its a pretty cool lens. My Nikon D40 camera, I have had to for two years and I am just now getting to know how to use my camera how sad it that.  Working with Mark D11 cameras made me realize that I should try and figure out my camera. I never really knew how to use my camera I only acted like I did. I love how that I am teaching myself how to use my camera it makes me feel great. When learning how to use my Nikon I never read the directions, I have to just dig into the camera and figure it out on my own that how I learn and teach myself. I AM SOO EXCITED FOR MY LENS!!!!!


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Posted by: tma20 | February 24, 2010

Nikon D40

I was taking photos for a friends twitter account and the photo shoot turned out great and the photos looked great too. Today I was going to work on the photos for this friend and I tried to open the photos and they were not jpg, which is what I usually shoot at but they were “NEF”. I had no idea what this was. Turns out “NEF” is Nikon Electronic Format, I got this information from this website:

Apparently I somehow changed my format in the process of taking pictures. I thought that this was really weird.


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So this past weekend I went to the Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker concert and might I add that it was an amazing concert and both of the artists really interacted with the crowd and that’s wat I love to watch about concerts. I never realized until I went to this concert that I love the job that I have and how much I love photography. At Northwest Missouri State University, I have taken pictures of celebrities such as Saving Abel, Whitney Port and Boys Like Girls. While watching  Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker I wish I had my Nikon D40, which is a tiny camera compared to the Mark dII Canon cameras that I use at Northwest Missouri State University. At the concert, the camera that I had, was a Nikon Point and shoot camera 10.2 megapixel camera. Some people might say that 10.2 is really good but not really. It was hard for me to zoom in without being blurry or even dark. I constantly had to change the settings in this camera and that was really annoying. Would any one recommend a good point and shoot camera? and does any one know if you can take a Nikon D40 camera into the Sprint Center? Please let me know if you have any answers.


Tbone Malone a.k.a. Taylor 😀

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